This Month's Story - 'IN SEARCH OF PERFECTION'

Nasrudin was helping a company look for a new chief executive. They had tried all the top recruitment and head-hunting firms in the country and in desperation turned to Nasrudin.

Over dinner they started to ask him some questions about himself. Having discovered that he was not married, they asked him had he ever come close.

“Indeed yes,” he replied. “When I was young I was very keen to marry the perfect wife. I travelled through many lands looking for her. In France I met a beautiful dancer, who was joyful and carefree, but alas had no sense of the spiritual. In Egypt I met a princess who was both beautiful and wise, but sadly we could not communicate. Then finally in India after much searching I found her. She was beautiful, wise and her charm captured the hearts of everybody she met. I felt that I had found the perfect wife.”

Nasrudin paused with a long sigh. So one of the senior managers eagerly asked:

"Then did you not marry her, Nasrudin?"

"Alas,” sighed Nasrudin, "she was waiting for the perfect husband."

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