We are planning to publish a second volume of Nasrudin stories and would very much welcome responses to this first book. Please do write and tell us which stories you particularly enjoyed; how you have used the stories and what your explorations have led to.

We would also like readers to keep their eyes, ears and hearts open, for the appearance of new Nasrudin stories. They may appear in many guises and come from many different traditions and settings, but must follow the disciplines and structure that are outlined in the final chapter.

Please do send in any stories you find, inside or outside you. The origin of all stories that are included in the next volume will be acknowledged. The originators of all stories used, will in addition receive a free copy of both books. In addition, for the best story sent in there will be a cash prize and maybe even a donkey you can only ride backwards!!

All correspondence should be sent to:

Peter Hawkins
Bath Consultancy Group
Edgar House
16 - 17 George Street

Telephone: 01225-333737
Fax: 01225-333738
e-mail: peter.hawkins@bathconsultancygroup.com




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