Wise Fool Events

Peter Hawkins is available for both conference presentations, after dinner speeches or workshops based on the “Wise Fools Guide to Leadership”.

Presentations can be on:

  • Leadership Unlearning
  • The positive role of Storytelling in Organisations
  • Developing deeper Leader Values
  • Laughter as a root to transformation.

Workshops can be either for a whole day or half a day and include:

  • An introduction to the life and tradition of Nasrudin
  • A telling of a number of the stories specifically chosen for the audience
  • Teaching the genre and structure of Nasrudin stories
  • Participants creating their own Nasrudin stories from their work experience
  • Exploration of how to use stories to shift hearts and Minds and create culture change.


The first talk and workshop happened at the 2004 “International Organisation Transformation Conference”. Professor, author and leading consultant John Adams (author of “Transforming Leadership” and “Transforming Work”) wrote:
"I really enjoyed the story telling session last week I got every story, and have retold several of them since getting back to San Francisco!"


The conference organiser Ben Fuchs wrote:
"Thanks for a delightful evening of entertaining and thought provoking stories. You brought the spirit of Nasrudin alive in our conference. I am left with some vivid metaphors for foolish wisdom to help me navigate in a world of paradox and absurdity."



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