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The following people have kindly previewed the book and offered their comments:-

"In the current complex political climate leadership is everything. This book reminds us that leadership is the most human of challenges, and through the stories and vignettes it connects us with the humility, empathy and intelligence which we all need to lead ourselves as well as others."
Lord Victor Adebowale CBE Chief Executive of Turning Point.

"There are heaps of books on leadership but few as entertaining as Peter Hawkins’. I get tired of the rather dry and academic tones. You can always learn a huge amount about leadership from stories. After all, we are often judged on our own leadership by the stories that are told about us. Read, mark and inwardly digest ... and have a laugh as you read this."
Stephen Bubb: Chief Executive of ACEVO - Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations.


"Peter Hawkins has achieved a brilliant synthesis of old folk wisdom and the modern day management environment. Nasrudin, the archetypal wise fool, dons the management consultant's hat and reminds the corporate world that truth and humour are always a more effective medicine than soothing platitudes and stock business speak. A must read for all Leaders and their consultants."
Roger Housden - Best selling author of Ten Poems to Change Your Life and many other books.

"I commend this book of Nasrudin stories to you; it is in fact an entirely commendable book - wiser even than The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, far, far funnier than In Search of Excellence, so much thinner than The Harvard Business Review Encyclopaedia of Corporate Strategy, and astoundingly cheaper than Catch 22!"
Professor Mike Pedler - Co-author of the best selling books 'The Learning Company' and 'The Manager's Guide to Self-Development'.


"We've never had a lasting consensus on what 'leadership' really is, and we probably never will. But whatever it is, the Nasrudin stories apply incredibly well. Every story in this little book is memorable and everyone contains a kernal of wisdom that is worthy of considerable pondering if you are a leader, an aspiring leader, or a leader's coach."
John Adams, Chair, Organizational Systems Program, Saybrook Graduate School, San Francisco. Author of 'Transforming Leadership'


"Any of us who takes any kind of leadership does so with unexamined assumptions about what leadership involves. The short stories in this book will challenge and potentially expose your assumptions. Sometimes you will laugh, sometimes you will squirm, sometimes you'll find the story pointless. But will you see the leadership assumptions etched within your own responses?"
Bill Torbert, author of Action Inquiry: The Secret of Timely and Transforming Leadership and Professor of Management, Boston College


"In running a number of businesses and sitting on Boards of a number of international companies, I constantly see the mistakes leaders make in attending to things. Life is fundamentally about reltionships not things. The problems lie in the interfaces, between organisations, between teams and between people. So do the opportunities. This book helps us to turn our attention from seeing things to seeing relationships. I recommend it as a great source of stories and insights for not only executivees but also board members."
Dr. Paul Cluver Chairman of Capespan, Wines of South Africa and Vinfuco. Board member of Fyffes Board member at the Universities of Cape Town and Stellenbosch. Previously a leading Brain Surgeon.



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